Objects and Purpose of the Center

The age structure of Germany will place enormous challenges on the health system and bring Germany's medical capacities to its limits within the next 10 years.

Facing this challenge, the "Center for Open Innovation in Connected Health" (COPICOH) is building a basis for a joint interdisciplinary innovation and service provider alliance with the initial thematic areas "Telemedicine for Rural Areas" and "Internet of Things in Medicine and Care" between institutions, companies, health and long-term care insurance, ministries and authorities as medical associations. This alliance looks at healthcare across the board, from patients, to hospitals and medical professionals, to health care providers, to the industry, such as the pharmaceutical, medical device manufacturers and service providers.

It pursues an interdisciplinary approach and focuses on understanding the technical and organizational processes in the health system. Companies and other partners are involved at an early stage in the development. In this way, the economic viability and thus, an optimal transfer of research results can take place.