The members of COPICOH are regularly present at congresses and events. COPICOH also organizes its own events. Here are a few highlights of our activities.

Thursday 21, March 2019

Ambient Care - Survey of caregivers on digital technology in the hospital

In the Ambient Care project, a survey of caregivers on digital technology in the hospital will run until the end of April.

Thursday 07, March 2019

Gesture control in the patient bed

As part of the BMBF-funded research project ACTIVATE, the COPICOH-Healthlab is being used to test interactions with various prototypes of the innovative interaction device BIRDY.

Tuesday 05, March 2019

Prof. Dr. Sascha Köpke invited participant of the event "What comes after the Nursing 4.0?"

On March 5, 2019, around 40 invited participants from all over Germany met at the UKE in Hamburg to discuss the implementation of innovative digital solutions in healthcare practice.

Thursday 28, February 2019

Campus pitch on 28.02.2019

The CampusPitch Digital is a new event format of the Lübeck universities in cooperation with DiWiSH - Digitale Wirtschaft Schleswig-Holstein and the Technology Center Lübeck.

Tuesday 12, February 2019

Ambient Project - final presentation

On the 12th of February, the results of 9 working groups of 30 students of computer science, Media Informatics and Entrepreneurship in the project Ambient Systems under the direction of Prof. Dr. Andreas Schrader presented.

Monday 21, January 2019

Innovation center around the networked health record

Cisco has opened the Center of Connected Health in its openBerlin innovation center. In various scenarios, it will be shown how a nationwide, networked healthcare and health care system works and how it can be used to better shape healthcare and the care of people.

Friday 18, January 2019

DISH project started

Prof. Dr. Sascha Köpke participated in the kick-off meeting of the EU-funded project ERASMUS + "Digital & Innovation Skills Helix in Health" (DISH) on 18/01/2019 in Aabenraa / Denmark.

Wednesday 12, December 2018

Parliamentary evening of the KV Schleswig-Holstein

Prof. Dr. Jost Steinhäuser was invited to be guest speaker of the parliamentary evening of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians Schleswig-Holstein in December 2018.

Tuesday 11, December 2018

Digital Society Conference 2018

Prof. Dr. Ralf Möller gave a lecture at the conference "Digital Society Conference" in Berlin with the theme "The Reality in AI".

Tuesday 11, December 2018

31st Australasian Joint Conference, Wellington, New Zealand

Marcel Gehrke presented the papers "Answering Multiple Conjunctive Queries with the Lifted Dynamic Junction Tree Algorithm" and "Preventing Unnecessary Groundings in the Lifted Dynamic Junction Tree Algorithm" at the 31st Australasian Joint Conference.

Monday 10, December 2018

Lübeck´s Mayor Jan Lindenau visited the COPICOH

Jan Lindenau (SPD), Mayor of the city of Lübeck since 2017, visited the COPICOH to read up on digital health.

Thursday 15, November 2018

Hamburg´s archbishop visited COPICOH

As part of his 14-day visit to Lübeck, the Hamburg´s Archbishop Dr. Ing. Stefan Heße also visits COPICOH and informed himself about the hospital room of the future.