The members of COPICOH are regularly present at congresses and events. COPICOH also organizes its own events. Here are a few highlights of our activities.

Thursday 23, June 2022


Designing new learning spaces: Five universities win funding for future-oriented learning spaces. COPICOH members ISE and ITM are awarded the FLEXLAB project, funded by the Stifterverband with 100,000 euros.

Friday 08, April 2022

COPICOH HealthLab-Technologies on the cover of the MDPI Technologies journal

The cover of the February issue of MDPI Technologies shows the software architecture for self-organization and self-explanation of intelligent environments based on networked IoT components.

The related journal article B. Kordts, B. Gerlach, and A. Schrader: "Self-Organizing...

Tuesday 05, April 2022

Research project on asynchronous telemedical care in rural areas (ASTRaL) started

The research project, funded for three years by the Health Ministry of Schleswig-Holstein with approximately 381,000 euros, aims to evaluate telemedical contacts between general practitioners who exchange information with rheumatologists, ophthalmologists and dermatologists using asynchronous...

Tuesday 08, March 2022

New COPICOH project: KIBA: Kl-assisted movement analysis and therapy

Within the framework of the State Program Economy 2014-2020, with funding from the REACT-EU funding initiative of the European Regional Development Fund (EFRE), the University of Lübeck has been awarded just over 1.3 million EUR to establish a gait laboratory for research into Kl-assisted...

Thursday 16, December 2021

Hands-On in the COPICOH Health Lab: Master students test research systems

On 12/13/21, students in the third semester of the Master of Health and Health Care Sciences visited the COPICOH Health Lab as part of the Introduction to Digital Health lecture. Thematically, the aim was to learn about and try out developments from IMIS and ITM in the digital health field.

Friday 03, December 2021

New DFG-funded COPICOH project: Team flow and team effectiveness in virtual teams

The Institute of Psychology I and the Institute of Medical Informatics together with cooperation partners from Poland are recruiting the new COPICOH project "V-T-Flow".

Wednesday 01, December 2021

Radio station NDR Info reports about the research project PASBADIA

"Detecting eye diseases with the smartphone and the use of artificial intelligence"

Thursday 18, November 2021

COPICOH at "Tag der KI"

On November 17, "Tag der KI" took place in the Audimax in Lübeck. At more than 20 booths, current research projects in the field of machine learning were demonstrated and Lübeck's claim to be the North German center for AI research was substantiated.

Monday 06, September 2021

COPICOH member Prof. Dr. Jonas Obleser as guest on the Lübeck hoch 3 podcast

Leaps of Thought about the Meaning of Listening

Monday 30, August 2021

Prize for best dissertation

The specialist group "Communication and Distributed Systems" of the Society for Informatics awards the prize for the best dissertation of 2020 to Dr. Florian Lau from the

Monday 23, August 2021

New funding project: "HySkiLabs"

The Innovation in University Teaching Foundation is supporting the University of Lübeck in the establishment of hybrid skills labs for healthy and hybrid teaching in the HySkiLabs project with approximately 1.8 million euros over the next three years.

The digitization of teaching is...

Monday 16, August 2021

Aftercare-App in the ReNaApp project ready for study

After two years of development work, the human-centered design process around the aftercare app in the ReNaApp project is coming to an end to be tested in a trial with clinical partners. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the contributors and especially for the constant engagement...