DFG project NaBoCom

In May, the DFG application "NaBoCom: Connecting in-body nano communication with body area networks " was approved. In this project, Joint Lab 3 is now focusing on integrating nano-communication systems in the human body with BAN and IoT IT infrastructures, leading to the Internet of Nano Things (IoNT).

The project, which focuses primarily on applications in the biomedical field, has three main objectives. Firstly, a reference architecture should be designed as the technical basis for the IoNT, which is specifically designed to connect the nano communication networks to body area networks and other IT infrastructures. Secondly, research results are to be obtained in key basic technologies for the IoNT, namely names and addresses, reliability and real-time capability as well as localization. Unfortunately, experiments in nano communication are still a long way from becoming reality. Thirdly, in order to evaluate and compare international research results, a simulator is created that allows the simulation and evaluation of many scenarios - including body area networks and nano communication networks.