Success at Healthcare Hackathon

Members of COPICOH win ticket to Healthcare Hackathon 2021 in Berlin

On Friday, June 5th, 2020 the Healthcare Hackathon of the UKSH took place for the fourth time in Kiel. Due to the pandemic the event took place virtually for the first time.

26 teams developed ideas and solutions for the medicine of tomorrow. Seven teams have now qualified for the finals of the Healthcare Hackathon in the Health Innovation Hub. The second place was achieved by a team consisting of the Institute for Family Medicine, Lübeck and Telekom Healthcare Solutions. Under the title "TH 360 - Telemedicine for primary care in rural areas", a telemedical scenario was developed as part of the hackathon that could integrate Telekom's medical communication platform TH360 into primary care. With regard to a possible implementation, both the prior scientific work of the Institute for Family Medicine as well as the practical experience of Telekom Healthcare Solutions using the platform in a project in Saxony were taken into account.

The presented scenario could have the following effects:

  • improved access to care in rural areas
  • reduction of waiting times for appointments with specialists
  • avoidance of information-loss in the context of intersectoral patient care
  • better guarantee of continuous care by a family physician

With this concept, the team was one of the seven winners of the day and will now compete again in Berlin in mid-January 2021.

COPICOH at Hackathon

COPICOH at Hackathon