Success for COPICOH in the federal-state funding initiative "Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education"

With the individual application LABORATORIUM on the topic of skills labs of the future, an interdisciplinary consortium with institutes and clinics of the University of Lübeck under the umbrella of COPICOH was able to successfully place itself within the framework of the federal-state funding initiative "Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education".

A 32-member selection committee with experts from science, industry and society, as well as students and representatives of the federal and state governments, recommended the project for funding, which will begin in fall 2021 with a three-year term.

The goal is to develop an AI-supported individual learning assistance in the Skills Lab for patient-centered and interprofessional communication in the healthcare professions. The project aims to improve practical training in all courses of the medical section including health sciences through intelligent ambient learning spaces.

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