Lübeck´s Mayor Jan Lindenau visited the COPICOH

Jan Lindenau (SPD), Mayor of the city of Lübeck since 2017, visited the COPICOH to read up on digital health.

As part of the Lübeck digitization strategy Mayor Lindenau visited the University of Lübeck. At the Institute of Computer Science, in addition to current
projects for the remote monitoring of structural damage to bridges, the activities in the COPICOH projects were also presented.

As a provider of nursing facilities, the city of Lübeck is very interested in the joint planning and development of innovative solutions for digitally supported health care.

A cooperation with the city's senior institutions in the field of telemedicine has been established with the Institute of General Medicine (Prof. Steinhäuser) and the Department of Economics and Social Affairs of the City of Lübeck. Further activities in the field of practical study work and advice on the further development of construction by COPICOH are in preparation.

Lübeck mayor Lindenau informs about digitization projects at the UzL