New project PASBADIA launched

The Joachim Herz Foundation is supporting PASBADIA, a joint project at the interface of engineering sciences and medical care at the Technical University of Lübeck and the University of Lübeck, with around 1.3 million euros with the aim of optimising ophthalmological care in rural areas.

As part of the project, four doctoral students and master students will work together to develop application-suitable solutions to enable ophthalmological examinations in general medicine using accessories for smartphones. The aim is to investigate to what extent a family doctor can support the care of eye diseases close to home with a diagnostic tool supported by artificial intelligence (AI).

With the PASBADIA project, the topic of "networked health" will be strengthened by new members at COPICOH from the Technical University. "COPICOH is responsible for networking the institutes and will also host the PASBADIA project," said Prof. Andreas Schrader at the presentation of the funding decision on 15 November 2019.

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