The members of COPICOH are regularly present at congresses and events. COPICOH also organizes its own events. Here are a few highlights of our activities.

Saturday 31, July 2021

Institute of Psychology I (IPSY I) new COPICOH member

The Institute of Psychology I (IPSY I) of the University of Lübeck was admitted as a new institute to COPICOH in July 2021. IPSY I currently consists of the research groups Physiological Psychology and Methodology (Prof. Dr. Jonas Obleser), Life-Span Psychology (Prof. Dr. Nico Bunzeck) and Work...

Thursday 15, July 2021

The COPICOH project PASBADIA was presented at the MIDL conference 2021

The COPICOH project PASBADIA was presented at the MIDL conference (Medical Imaging with Deep Learning) in June 2021.

For four years, doctoral research associates will work with master's students to develop solutions for ophthalmic examinations in general medicine. They are enabling...

Thursday 01, July 2021

Success for COPICOH in the federal-state funding initiative "Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education"

With the individual application LABORATORIUM on the topic of skills labs of the future, an interdisciplinary consortium with institutes and clinics of the University of Lübeck under the umbrella of COPICOH was able to successfully place itself within the framework of the federal-state funding...

Friday 25, June 2021

Börge Kordts presents "A Novel 3D Editor for Gesture Design" at IEA 2021

Börge Kordts (ITM) presented “A novel 3D Editor for Gesture Design based on Labanotation” at the 21st Triennial Congress of the International Ergonomics Association (

Wednesday 23, June 2021

Institute of Family Medicine in Lübeck evaluates new project TeLAV

The Institute of Family Medicine, Lübeck is evaluating the continuous use of a digital spirometry device in the home of patients with a chronic lung disease (e.g. asthma or COPD) in the district of Rendsburg-Eckernförde in the project "Telemedical Lung Function App...

Friday 18, June 2021

COPICOH - Teaching: Healthy indoor climate

Students conduct case study on professional product development

Friday 04, June 2021

COPICOH - Teaching: Project reality-based skills labs

In this interdisciplinary project, a system for the configuration of numerous multimedia stressors (images, videos, sounds, speech, etc.) for the simulation of an emergency situation during practical training in skills labs was developed by students of computer science and the new master's...

Friday 28, May 2021

ACTIVATE project: Successfully completed

In the ACTIVATE project, a technical solution was designed and developed to facilitate communication between patients in need of care and caregivers and relatives. The innovative interaction device BIRDY is specifically designed for the context of use and control...

Friday 21, May 2021

COPICOH Teaching: Students develop walk-in textbook

By enriching the so-called skills labs for practical education in the healthcare professions at universities with digital, multimedia technologies a significant improvement of the learning potential can be achieved. In the interdisciplinary project, students integrated a 3D anatomy model into...

Friday 02, October 2020

dfg-Award 2020 for Project "Telemedizin im ländlichen Raum"

The Schleswig-Holstein project "Telemedicine in Rural Areas" has won the dfg Award 2020

Saturday 06, June 2020

Success at Healthcare Hackathon

COPICOH at Hackathon

Members of COPICOH win ticket to Healthcare Hackathon 2021 in Berlin