The members of COPICOH are regularly present at congresses and events. COPICOH also organizes its own events. Here are a few highlights of our activities.

Monday 27, January 2020

COPICOH - Teaching: Students develop Ambient Escape Room „Psychiatrie ESC”

In this project, using the example of escape from psychiatry, interactive and interlocked interactive puzzles were realized on the basis of so-called natural human-technology interfaces (gestures, speech, touch) in a smart environment. More information can be found

Tuesday 17, December 2019


During the year, scientists of COPICOH again were able to publish numerous publications in high-quality journals and peer review conferences.

Thursday 12, December 2019

ACTIVATE at the BMBF networking meeting

The final meeting of the BMBF funding projects Human-Technology Interaction (MTI) took place in Berlin on December 12 under the motto "Innovations in intensive care and palliative care" as part of the high-tech strategy of the German government.

Tuesday 10, December 2019

Master students conquer the COPICOH Health Lab

On 10.12., the students visited the Health Lab in the first semester of the new Master of Health Sciences as part of the lecture Introduction to Digital Health Care. The topic was to get to know and try out developments of IMIS and ITM in the field of digital health.

Tuesday 10, December 2019

The DISH Consortium meets in Liverpool

For the 3rd consortium meeting of the Erasmus Plus project "DISH - Digital & Innovation Skills Helix in Health" all involved EU partners met in Liverpool in the second week of December 2019.

Sunday 01, December 2019

National research project MOMENTUM connects rescue service and clinic

MOMENTUM stands for "Mobile medical technology for integrated emergency care and accident medicine". The project is implemented by the Institute for Medical Electrical Engineering of the University of Lübeck, the UKSH, the Universities of Bremen and Leipzig as well as numerous partners from...

Friday 15, November 2019

New project PASBADIA launched

The Joachim Herz Foundation is supporting PASBADIA, a joint project at the interface of engineering sciences and medical care at the Technical University of Lübeck and the University of Lübeck, with around 1.3 million euros with the aim of optimising ophthalmological care in rural areas.

Wednesday 23, October 2019

Second test of the digital support system in wound care

On October 23 and 24, the Ambient Care Team conducted a second test of the digital wound care support system. The so-called Wound Care Assistant supports nurses in the care process, for example by voice control with integrated documentation of all relevant information and now also wireless foot...

Thursday 17, October 2019

Foundation Board of Trustees met at COPICOH

The Foundation Board of Trustees of the University of Lübeck held its meeting on October 17, 2019 at the Institute for Telematics. Together with our President Prof. Gabriele Gillessen-Kaesbach the full concentration of the participants was placed on the Health Lab and the projects running there.

Thursday 19, September 2019

Special Day Digital Ethics

Prof. Andreas Schrader (ITM) gave a speech on Digital Ethics on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Sprungtuch e.V. in the BunteKuh family center in Lübeck on September 19, 2019, an invited lecture titled "Autonomous Assistance versus Assisted Autonomy" was held in front of about 100 guests.

Monday 16, September 2019

2nd Cluster Conference Future of Care in Berlin

After the opening event in Oldenburg in 2018, the 2nd Cluster Conference "Future of Nursing" took place on 16 and 17 September 2019 in the Protestant Johannesstift in Berlin, Actors from practice, technology and science came together to discuss the future of care in the age of digitization. Good...

Wednesday 11, September 2019

Changing Cancer Care Conference in Lübeck

Prof. Dr. Sascha Köpke, Nursing Research Unit and Teaching in Nursing at the Institute for Social Medicine and Epidemiology, University of Lübeck gave a lecture at the Changing Cancer Care Conference.