The members of COPICOH are regularly present at congresses and events. COPICOH also organizes its own events. Here are a few highlights of our activities.

Monday 24, September 2018

KI 2018

Prof. Dr. Ralf Möller contributed to the tutorial "Statistical Relational AI" at the KI 2018 conference in Berlin on 24-8.09.2018.

Tuesday 18, September 2018

Intelligent patient call system

In her master's thesis in medical informatics, Ms. Julia Wegener (née Abeler) developed an innovative intelligent nurse call system for patients in clinical settings at the ITM.

Saturday 15, September 2018

Healthcare Hackathon in Kiel

Michael Sengpiel presented COPICOH with an information booth at the public exhibition of the Healthcare Hackathon in Kiel.

Friday 14, September 2018

Lecture on "Big Data and Multimorbidity" at the 52nd DEGAM Congress

Alexander Waschkau presents a lecture on "Can Big Data Analyzes Make a Meaningful Contribution to the Care of Multimorbid Patients?" As part of the 52nd Congress of the German Society for General Medicine and Family Medicine on September 14, 2018 in Innsbruck.

Thursday 13, September 2018

Workshop "Care at home with SmartHome technology"

Prof. Schrader from the AG Ambient Computing at the Institute of Telematics presented current results from research at the University of Lübeck as part of the UKSH Healthcare Hackathon of the Digital Week in Kiel together with the Techniker Krankenkasse at Workshop II "Nursing at home with...

Tuesday 04, September 2018

COPICOH in the Lübeck news

The Lübecker Nachrichten (LN) interviews Prof. Jost Steinhäuser and Alexander Waschkau on the project "Telemedicine in rural areas".

Sunday 26, August 2018

COPICOH on Deutschlandfunk

The Deutschlandfunk reports in its program "On Telemedicine and Computer Therapists".

Sunday 26, August 2018

"Digital Health" workshop on the IEA'2018

Prof. Jochems (IMIS) and Prof. Schrader (ITM) organized a workshop on "Digital Health" at the 20th Congress of the International Ergonomics Association (IEA) on August 26, 2018.

Friday 24, August 2018

Study for optimal text input in clinical settings

In her bachelor thesis, Jasmin Wollgast (ITM) under the supervision of Prof. Schrader (ITM) and Prof. Mentler (IMIS) implemented innovative technical possibilities for entering text at the bedside Prototypically and evaluated in a user study.

Monday 20, August 2018

Questionnaire study "User characteristics of nursing staff in Germany"

The aim of the study is to describe user characteristics of nurses in Germany and to prove them empirically in order to be able to use them for the design of technical assistance systems in the nursing context.

Wednesday 01, August 2018

Telemedicine in rural areas: Innovative project presented in Rendsburg

A press event on the subject of "Telemedicine in rural areas: Innovative project presented in Rendsburg" took place on 01 August 2018 together with the Minister of Social Affairs, Health, Youth, Family and Senior Citizens, Dr. Heiner Garg.

Thursday 19, July 2018

New Ambient Health projects started

The ITM offers the interdisciplinary project "Ambient Computing" as part of the computer science courses at the University of Lübeck.