The members of COPICOH are regularly present at congresses and events. COPICOH also organizes its own events. Here are a few highlights of our activities.

Monday 15, January 2018

Telemedicine in general practice - aspects of communication

Telemedicine in the family practice - Aspects of communication is published by the authors A. Waschkau, R. Allner, S. Fischer and J. Steinhäuser in the "Journal of General Medicine".

Thursday 02, November 2017

Interreg Symposium "Health Innovation Today and Tomorrow"

Prof. Andreas Schrader was invited to a pitch presentation during the panel discussion "On the Now and the Future of Innovative Healthcare Solutions" at the Interreg Symposium "Health Innovation Today and Tomorrow" on November 2, 2017 and discussed with other partners at the...

Saturday 14, October 2017

"BMBF Innovation Forum Hospital 4.0"

Prof. Jost Steinhäuser explains in his lecture "The Patient Journey - the Path of Patients through the Supply Landscape" process-oriented supply strategies.

Tuesday 10, October 2017

"2. Expert Meeting Change Management at the UKSH Lübeck "

Prof. Andreas Schrader talks about "the hospital as a computer" and talks about the possibilities of the ambient computing paradigm for the development of intelligent supply environments.

Saturday 23, September 2017

Podium "Health Care of the Future" in Kiel

Prof. Andreas Schrader participates alongside Peter Vullings (Director Philips Healthcare), Oliver Rong of Roland Berger and Prof. Kai Wehkamp (UKSH) at the short presentation "Health Care of the Future".

Saturday 23, September 2017

"Healthcare Hackathon" in Kiel

Prof. Stefan Fischer is a jury member in the Healthcare Hackathon hosted by UKSH, IBM, CISCO and Kieler Nachrichten. 17 international teams of start-ups, freelance developers and students and other teams develop innovative healthcare projects.

Saturday 23, September 2017

Trade fair "Health Morning" in Kiel

The UKSH, Kieler Nachrichten and CISCO are inviting you to the health day. COPICOH presents its projects to more than 2,000 visitors at a joint stand.

Friday 22, September 2017

Telemedical applications in the family practice

Waschkau A, Allner R, Fischer S, Stone houses J Workshop at the 51st Congress of the German Society for General Medicine and Family Medicine, Düsseldorf

Thursday 14, September 2017

ICM User Forum Dräger Medical Inc. In Lübeck

Prof. Andreas Schrader (ITM) gives an invited lecture "Ambient Health - Intelligent environments in health care"

Monday 10, July 2017

Opening of creative laboratory

Official opening of the new creative laboratory of COPIOCOH with numerous guests.

Thursday 08, June 2017

Baltic Sea Region Network in Personalized Health Care in Lübeck

Prof. Andreas Schrader (ITM) holds the keynote speech "Personalized Healthcare in Ambient Spaces. Context-sensitive and Adaptive Services in Smart Environments "at the 2nd Summer School of the Baltic Sea Region Network.

Friday 19, May 2017

ANT'2017 on Madeira

Daniel Burmeister from the Institute of Telematics reports on a software architecture used in the AMBIENT CARE project at the 8th International Conference on Ambient Systems, Networks and Technologies in Portugal: "Dynamic and Constraint-based Buildings of Ambient Appications with Self-...