Joint Lab 1 - "Telemedicine"

Despite all efforts, telemedical approaches have not yet been designed and implemented in a systematic manner. Although there are numerous individual solutions (e.g. transmission of ECGs or radiological recordings); We are still a long way off from a comprehensive, population-based approach characterized by quality management and morbidity and mortality-based evaluation. The usefulness of a strategic telemedicine, which is derived from a responsible location, is of paramount importance for threatened underserved areas, but also for special questions in areas that are well served for quantitative and qualitative terms. For this reason, this Joint Lab is intended to implement subprojects that allow the testing of telemedicine techniques and thus serve both the further development of the technology, but also to find answers to economic, social and political questions. The overall goal of this Joint Lab is the development of a strategic telemedicine approach, which, in addition to the technical solutions, is in particular an evaluation of determinants with regard to telemedicine, the appropriate use as well as an integration into quality management systems.

Telemedical applications ensure a high availability of supply data of different quality. These data must be processed and evaluated taking into account the uncertainties contained therein. In particular, methods of machine learning are used, which explicitly address the uncertainty during further processing and in this way can specify the quality of the evaluation and take it into account in the decision-making process.

The following projects are currently in progress in Joint Lab 1: