Innovation center around the networked health record

Cisco has opened the Center of Connected Health in its openBerlin innovation center. In various scenarios, it will be shown how a nationwide, networked healthcare and health care system works and how it can be used to better shape healthcare and the care of people.

The tried-and-tested "The Health Network" solution developed by AOK Nordost serves as a blueprint for nationwide use.

"With the Center of Connected Health, together with our partners, we are creating a unique platform to convey the potentials of a networked healthcare system to different target groups," explains Uwe Franke, Head of Healthcare, Countries & Communities at Cisco Germany. "On the basis of specific applications and from different user perspectives, the networked health and care file becomes tangible here."

The Center of Connected Health is part of the Cisco initiative "Germany Digital". In this framework, numerous projects in the health sector are promoted. This includes working with scientific institutions such as the University of Lübeck in order to further develop a digitally supported healthcare system in an interdisciplinary manner

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