Radio report on telemedicine wins Media Prize 2018

Telemedicine concepts developed by the Institute for Family Medicine at the University of Lübeck were presented in the award-winning radio report of Deutschlandfunk. Included was also a short interview with Prof. Jost Steinhäuser, the director of the institute and Deputy Speaker of COPICOH, who decribes the implications of the telemedical applications of one of the research practices of the Institute for Family Medicine.

The Interessengemeinschaft der Heilberufe (IDH) annually awards a Media Prize to independent, critical and well-founded health reporting in Schleswig-Holstein. For the year 2018 two freelance journalists, Martina Keller and Jochen Paulus were honored for the radio report "Fernbeziehung - Über Telemedizin und Computertherapeuten (Long-Distance Relationship - About Telemedicine and Computer Therapists)". The report featured telemedical applications in the “Practice at the Port House” in Lübeck-Travemünde as well as already widespread telemedical applications in the field of psychotherapy.

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