ENI 2019

Two lectures and a poster at the congress ENI 2019 in Flensburg.

"Building bridges - overcoming boundaries. Innovations in outpatient and inpatient care "under this heading, the 10th European Nursing Informatics 2019 (ENI 2019) Congress for eHealth Technologies in Nursing took place at September 5th and 6th, 2019, in Flensburg.
Swantje Seismann-Petersen, research associate at the Department of Research and Teaching in Nursing, presents the work of the project Ambient Care (Link: www.copicoh.uni-luebeck.de research / projects / ambient-care.html). The project aims to integrate the documentation of patient-relevant information in the context of wound care with the help of ambient technologies into the nursing process and to support nurses by a technical assistant in the care.

Adrienne Henkel and Angelika Schley (also nursing research) presented in their lecture "Development and early evaluation of a socio-technical support system to improve the care of ventilated patients in intensive care units: the ACTIVATE project." Results from the first Laboratory studies of the
ACTIVATE project (insert link projekt-activate.de/), which were carried out in the COPICOH Health Lab (https://www.copicoh.uni-luebeck.de/forschung/health-lab.html).

Börge Kordts (ITM) presented a poster about a new "Call System 4.0 in intensive care - a bridge between patients and caregivers", which was developed in cooperation between the Institute for Multimedia and Interactive Systems and the Institute for Telematics.
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