Parkinson's is one of the most common neurodegenerative diseases in Germany. It is already burdening the healthcare system with 2.8 billion euros annually. An increase in prevalence and thus in costs is to be expected. Patients suffer from a variety of motor and non-motor symptoms that severely affect their daily lives and quality of life.

In the outpatient sector, there is often a lack of human resources and structures that are necessary for the necessary interdisciplinary treatment of the disease. For example, after therapy, patients rarely receive Parkinson's-specific care, which builds on the results achieved in the treatment and takes individual needs into account.

In this project, a tablet-based training program will be implemented, which will be performed during and after inpatient treatment. It supports Parkinson's patients to continue the learned physical-activating exercises under guidance on a regular basis in their daily lives. The adjustments and / or increase of the different exercises take place on the basis of the evaluations of the training program on an administration panel ("cockpit") for the physiotherapist. It is expected to increase the quality of life (PDQ-39) and social participation (IMET), as well as delay the progression of the impairment.

The project is being carried out by an interdisciplinary team of institutes of the University of Lübeck in cooperation with a clinical partner:

  • Rehabilitation Research Section at the Institute of Social Medicine and Epidemiology (ISE).
  • Working Group Ambient Computing at the Institute of Telematics (ITM),
  • Working group on age-appropriate interaction systems at the Institute for Interactive and Multimedia Systems (IMIS)
  • Specialist clinic for Parkinson's and movement disorders in Bad Segeberg.

The project is scheduled to run for three years (2018 - 2021) and is funded by the Innovationsfond G-BA.

Project Members

Björn Hauptmann Photo of Björn  Hauptmann
Neurologisches Zentrum | Segeberger Kliniken
+49 4551/802-5801

Ann-Kristin Hoffmann, B.Sc. Photo of Ann-Kristin  Hoffmann
Neurologisches Zentrum Bad Segeberg und Physiotherapeutin
+49 4551/ 802-6983

Nicole Jochems Photo of Nicole  Jochems
Institut für Multimediale und Interaktive Systeme (IMIS)
+49 451 3101 5110

Bastian Schmeier Photo of Bastian  Schmeier
Institut für Multimediale und Interaktive Systeme (IMIS)

Andreas Schrader, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Photo of Andreas  Schrader
Institut für Telematik (ITM)
+49 451 3101 6420

Carolin Siegert, M.Sc. Photo of Carolin  Siegert
Institut für Sozialmedizin und Epidemiologie (ISE)

Jasmin Wollgast, B. Sc. Photo of Jasmin  Wollgast
Institut für Telematik (ITM)