European network for professional education, training and continuing education in the health care sector


EUVECA is an ERASMUS+ project that aims to support the necessary innovation and development of the healthcare sector. It aims to identify, train and ensure future-oriented competences within the sector. To achieve this, regional competence centers will be established in seven European regions, which will then work together in a European network.

General objectives:
1. to increase the quality and attractiveness of vocational training, continuing education and lifelong learning processes in the healthcare sector.
2. to contribute to the implementation of the European Competence Agenda in order to ensure continuous and high quality vocational training for healthcare professionals. Focus on optimally tailored lifelong learning, including competencies for the 21st century.
3. contribute to the realization of the European Education Area by establishing long-term and sustainable cooperation in the field of higher education and vocational training.

Methodology for the implementation of the objectives:
- The partners and their regional stakeholders will jointly develop a sustainability concept as well as concrete education and training activities for the seven regional centers.
- A European platform will be developed, tested, refined and made sustainable to establish the regional partnerships beyond the competence centers.

EUVECA Effect:
The EUVECA project aims to demonstrate that by focusing on professional education and creating collaboration within regional health systems, in-novation in the European health sector can be driven and sustained.

The EUVECA partnership is a multi-stakeholder group from different EU countries. These include:

6 healthcare providers:
- South Jutland Hospital (DK)
- UKSH Academy gGmbH (DE)
- Community Health Centre Ljubljana (SL)
- Ziekenhuisgroep Twente (NL)
- Region Nordhordland Helsehus IKS (NO)
- Autonomous Province of Trento (Department of Health and Social Policy) (IT)

4 regional development agencies:
- South Denmark Region & South Denmark European Office (DK)
- Think East (NL)
- Region Nordhordland (NO)
- Autonomous Province of Trento (Department of Health and Social Policy) (IT)

3 pan-European partners:
- European Health Management Association (EHMA)
- The European Specialist Nurses Organisation (ESNO)
- European Connected Health Alliance (ECHA)

8 research and educational institutions representing EQF
levels from 2-8:

- University of Western Norway (NO)
- Polytechnic University of Valencia (ES)
- University of Valencia (ES)
- University of Lübeck (DE)
- University of Ljubljana (SL)
- Saxion University of Applied Sciences (NL)
- University of Twente (NL)
- Bruno Kessler Institute (IT)

Project duration: 01.06.2022 - 31.05.2026
Research budget: 4.4 million euros



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