App-based support for the care of migraine patients in Schleswig-Holstein

Migraine and headaches are one of the most widespread common diseases: Two out of three adult Germans suffer at least intermittently from headaches, and nearly 18 million are affected by migraines across Germany.

In addition to medical care, an app-based self-training program and statewide training courses for physiotherapists are to support migraine sufferers in Schleswig-Holstein in dealing with the disease in the future. Experts from the  Institute of Health Sciences at the University of Lübeck, in cooperation with the Institute of Family Medicine, the Kiel Pain Clinic and the Techniker Krankenkasse, want to take this new approach.

Diagnostics and treatment options to be improved in the long term

The goal of the joint project is to expand the already successful migraine app of the Kiel Pain Clinic to include a module with targeted physiotherapeutic exercises. Nationwide training courses for physiotherapists are also intended to help identify neck pain and movement restrictions in migraine at an early stage and take preventive action. These can interact with the frequency and intensity of migraine.

Prof. Kerstin Lüdtke is particularly pleased about the involvement of the field of physiotherapy: "Migraine is hardly considered in physiotherapy training and studies, and there are many misconceptions. With this project, we can make an exemplary contribution in our state to ensuring that the care of migraine sufferers is evidence-based and interdisciplinary."

The team of experts at the Kiel Pain Clinic is responsible for the technical implementation and integration of the special neurological, pain therapy and psychological content. Contact with migraine patients is also coordinated from here.

Digital support and accompanying evaluation

The accompanying evaluation is carried out by the Institute for General Medicine in Lübeck. One research focus of Prof. Jost Steinhäuser, head of the institute, is to optimize digital applications for care. For example, patients will be asked about their experiences with the app so that any adaptation requests can be recorded and incorporated directly.

You can download the Migraine App of the Schmerzklink Kiel for your mobile device in the Playstore or App Store under the name Migraine App.

Project duration: 3 years, start 13.01.2023
Funding: 369,315 euros from the care assurance fund of the state of Schleswig-Holstein

Project Members

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Institut für Allgemeinmedizin (IfA)
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Institut für Gesundheitswissenschaften (IfG)