Primary Doctor's Office of the Future

Telemedicine is used as a collective term for various medical care concepts having in common that medical services of the health care providers, like diagnostics, therapy and rehabilitation, as well as in the decision-making of physicians are carried out to the population over spatial distances (possibly asynchronous). In this regard, information and communication technologies are used.

Within the scope of this project, telemedical approaches for the primary doctor's office of the future are scientifically evaluated. The first step will be to ascertain which telemedical solutions may offer additional benefits to the medical supply from the perspective of the users. In addition, determinants are identified for the appropriate implementation of these solutions in the local care sector. In various work packages, the main focus will be:

  1. Instant Messaging
  2. Telemedical liaison consultations
  3. Practical and telemedical case management

in the context of general medical care.

Preliminary studies indicate that the use of a messaging system, which corresponds to data protection in Germany, is seen as the most desirable telemedicine application in the home medicine sector. The exploration of this approach as well as the sensible implementation of the above mentioned further telemedical applications are the focus of this project.

Project Members

Regine Wendt (geb. Geyer), M. Sc. Photo of Regine  Wendt (geb. Geyer)
Institut für Telematik (ITM)
+49 451 3101 6414

Alexander Waschkau Photo of Alexander  Waschkau
Institut für Allgemeinmedizin (IfA)
+49 451 3101 8014

Stefan Fischer Photo of Stefan  Fischer
Institut für Telematik (ITM)
+49 451 3101 6400