Members' Overview

Members of COPICOH are scientific and technical institutions of the University of Lübeck and the company CISCO. This multidisciplinary alliance pools complementary profiles and competencies.

Institute of Family Medicine (IfA)

The IfA offers general medical expertise and focuses on implementation and continuing education research as well as the future care of chronically ill patients.

Institute of Informationsystems (IFIS)

The IFIS deals intensively with the modeling, storage and evaluation of large amounts of data as well as the efficient realization of access in information systems.

Institute for Medical Informatics (IMI)

At IMI, new methods of medical image processing, multimodal sensor data analysis for assistive health technologies as well as eHealth applications are developed and investigated.

Institute for Multimedia and Interactive Systems (IMIS)

The IMIS deals with psychological, educational, sociological, and creative issues for human-computer systems.

Institute of Social Medicine and Epidemiology (ISE)

The primary focuses of the ISE include quality of life research, nursing research, rehabilitation research, and social and evidence-based medicine.

Institute of Telematics (ITM)

The ITM develops systems for the Internet of Things, intelligent environments and age-appropriate assistance systems.

Institute for Electrical Engineering in Medicine (IME)

The main research areas of IME are in the field of medical technology and biosignal processing. For this purpose, novel methods of machine learning and control technology are being developed and used for decision-making in assistance systems and physiological control circuits.

IT-Service-Center (ITSC)

The ITSC operates the majority of the IT infrastructure and basic services of the University of Lübeck and is responsible for the technical equipment of the projects and facilities of the COPICOH.

Cisco Systems, Inc.

CISCO is the market leader in digitization and networking in healthcare. COPICOH is initiated and promoted by CISCO.