Institute of Telematics (ITM)

The Institute of Telematics (ITM) develops new technological solutions that address the challenges of a world increasingly interconnected by physical devices and virtual software components. The institute’s objectives and methods are based on the guiding principle that technology should always serve the needs of people within their environment. Members of the ITM work in interdisciplinary project teams that develop innovative components, systems, processes, and applications in cooperation with partners from research and industry.

The ITM provides a quality education that gives students the capabilities to master the complex and novel computer science challenges in both academic and industrial settings with qualified methods and social competency.

The institute sees itself as an engine of technological progress and as a respected partner in international research and development.

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Prof. Dr. Stefan Fischer
Institut für Telematik (ITM)
+49 451 3101 6400


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Schrader
Institut für Telematik (ITM)
+49 451 3101 6420


Regine Wendt (geb. Geyer), M. Sc.
Institut für Telematik (ITM)
+49 451 3101 6414


Börge Kordts, M. Sc.
Institut für Telematik (ITM)
+49 451 3101 6422


Marc Stelzner, M. Sc.
Institut für Telematik (ITM)
+49 451 3101 6431


Dr. rer. nat. Florian-Lennert Lau
Institut für Telematik (ITM)
+49 451 3101 6406