Laboratories for Medical Optics (TH Lübeck)

The Technical University of Lübeck maintains numerous laboratories for research and teaching in the field of engineering sciences.

The Laboratory for Optical Metrology is particularly concerned with the construction of optical measuring systems with opto-mechanical system modules from basic components. Higher integrated standard sensors or measurement modules or more complex optics or light sources are also available.

The Laboratory for Ophthalmic Instrumentation deals with optical diagnostic devices for ophthalmology. The equipment includes commercial standard devices and experimental setups on functional principles. 

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Mathias Beyerlein heads the laboratories and conducts research projects on telemedicine with a special focus on ophthalmology within the framework of COPICOH.



Prof. Dr. Mathias Beyerlein
Labore für Medizinische Optik (TH Lübeck)
+49 451 300 5745


Malte Gienow-Broers, M.Sc.
Labore für Medizinische Optik (TH Lübeck)
+49 451 300 5226


Caitlin Toogood
Labore für Medizinische Optik (TH Lübeck)
+49 451 300 5226